Alkoholpolitik und Volksgesundheit

WHO-Director-General Margaret Chan, opening speech at the EB

Mittwoch 27. Januar 2010 von htm

„Progress in public health during the previous decade and major challenges ahead“
… We have to take action.
This is true for the harmful use of alcohol. The report documents a wide and alarming range of harms, and also gives you a range of policy options and intervention measures, including at the regulatory level. With the industrialization of food production and the globalization of its marketing, efforts to ensure food safety likewise take on an international dimension.
I know very well that you have come to the table with a diversity of views on these issues. Finding an agreed way forward is not easy. There are some strong economic dimensions as well as strong public health concerns, and many competing interests.
But WHO, I believe, is the right forum for these discussions and the right agency to take your decisions forward. Rest assured of full support from the Secretariat in these and all other deliberations.
Thank you. Full text of speech, WHO, 1/18/10

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