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USA: Alcohol in the Stations (Firefighters)

Mittwoch 29. Dezember 2010 von htm

In the fire district that I currently live in, there’s an issue that drives me up the wall. They serve Beer in the Stations, there is an open wet bar, that the Firefighters can use anytime they please. I’ve heard from a few FF’s that I met, they do it, but have rules about going on the calls. One certain rule is, they wont be able to respond, if they are „TOO DRUNK“ to drive. I have also seen them on calls, oddly enough, they were „Toasted“ in my opinion, they broke down the wrong door in a neighboring building,, let me rephrase that, 5 doors were torn apart, even after I told them the fire was over here. I was also told, the drinking will stay, it’s supported by a board of „The old guys“, they are all retired volly’s, the upper command staff take part, so who do you talk now. My question is, how many other departments allow this type of behavior. (Source: Google Alcohol News, 12/28/10) firefighternation.com, 12/28/10

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