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Influence of the recall period on a beverage-specific weekly drinking measure for alcohol intake

Mittwoch 2. März 2011 von htm

Our knowledge of the association between alcohol intake and alcohol-related health outcomes depends, to a large extent, on the validity and reliability of self-reported alcohol intake. Weekly drinking measures are frequently used in epidemiological surveys, but it has been shown that respondents have problems in correctly reporting intake for a full week. The aim of this study is to investigate whether a beverage-specific question implies better recall and, thereby, eliminates or diminishes the previously reported association between the recall period and the self-reported weekly alcohol intake. Conclusions:
It seems problematic to recall alcohol intake even when the recall period is as short as 1 week. Weekly drinking measures should primarily be used when the main aim of the study is to assess the average volume of alcohol intake in a specific population. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 03/01/11) nature.com/ejcn, 02/16/11 Comment: Validity and reliability of alcohol research: One more big question.

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