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UK: Ten communities recieve DCLG funding to tackle binge and underage drinking

Donnerstag 17. Mai 2012 von htm

The 10 communities that will receive funding for work to tackle binge and underage drinking have been announced by Communities and Local Government. The fund was opened for bids earlier this year by Baroness Newlove, the government’s Champion for Active, Safer Communities.
The CLG press release states:

Over the next two years these innovative grassroots projects, backed by local authorities, police and retailers, are expected to deliver real results to end the fallout of problem drinking. Other communities will hopefully be inspired to follow their lead. The projects will address separate issues that are the greatest challenges in their neighbourhoods, with measures of their success that will include:

– a reduction in the number of anti-social behaviour incidents related to alcohol consumption
– fewer A&E admissions to local hospitals or fewer ambulance call outs as a result of drinking
– the consumption of alcohol by young people reducing to safe levels; and
– a reduction in purchasing of alcohol made on behalf of under 18s („proxy purchasing“).
(Source: Alcohol Policy UK, 05/16/12)

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Underage Drinking Hospitalizations Cost $755 Million in the U.S. Each Year

Sonntag 19. Februar 2012 von htm

Hospitalization for underage drinking costs an estimated $755 million in the United States each year, according to a new study by the Mayo Clinic.

Approximately 40,000 youth ages 15 to 20 were hospitalized in 2008, the most recent year for which data is available, according to Science Daily.

The study found that among U.S. teens, about 18 of every 10,000 teenage males and 12 of every 10,000 teenage females were hospitalized after drinking alcohol in the year studied. The average age of those hospitalized was 18, and 61 percent were male. Hospitalizations due to alcohol were highest in the Northeast and Midwest.

Nearly one-fourth of the hospitalizations included an injury stemming from causes including traffic accidents, assaults or fights. An estimated $505 million of the cost of hospitalization involved treatment of injuries. …
(Source: Join Together, 02/16/12)

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Prevention of Teen Substance Abuse …

Donnerstag 17. November 2011 von htm

Prevention of Teen Substance Abuse Must Start with Tackling America’s Underage Drinking Epidemic. Let’s Make it Cool for Teens Not to Drink!

Joseph A. Califano, Jr.A recent survey of 7th through 11th graders in the Connecticut gold coast town of Westport, Connecticut, nails the importance of targeting alcohol use among teens for parents, teachers, pediatricians and public health professionals who seek to prevent teen substance abuse and addiction.

The survey by the Governor’s Prevention Initiative for Youth revealed that 25 percent of the town’s 9th graders, 37 percent of 10th graders, and 60 percent of 11th graders had been drinking alcohol in the previous 30 days. Translated from substance abuse statistical jargon to plain English, this means that these high school freshman, sophomores and juniors are current drinkers, likely drinking regularly. … (Source: CASA, Chairman’s Corner, 11/15/11)

our online-comment:
As long as politicians are not willing to reduce the harmful impact of the alcohol industry on society (TV-marketing is only one sector of many) in order to reduce alcohol consumption in general, youth will miss the good example and will hardly be convinced by educational prevention. Alcohol-lobbies are a sort of corruption. Not only in the Third World.

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USA: Victory in Los Angeles

Mittwoch 24. August 2011 von htm

City Council Votes 11-1 to Prohibit Alcohol Ads on Bus Benches
On August 19, 2011, the Los Angeles City Council approved a 10-year contract that prohibits alcohol ads on 6,000+ bus benches. “The impact of underage drinking on Los Angeles is devastating, taking young lives and creating enormous financial costs,” stated Council Member Richard Alarcón. “I’m proud that the City of Los Angeles has chosen to prohibit alcohol advertisements on City bus benches — it is the responsible choice for Los Angeles and sends an important message that the City does not condone or promote underage or irresponsible drinking.” Next step: Alarcón introduces a motion to prohibit alcohol ads on all city-owned & controlled property. For the press release, click here. (Source: Alcohol Justice, 08/24/11)

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USA: MADD National President: Tools to Reduce Underage Drinking

Samstag 20. August 2011 von htm

As we prepare to send kids back to classrooms for another school year, it’s important to equip parents and caregivers with the tools for talking with their children about alcohol. This issue is especially personal for me because my beautiful 15-year-old daughter, Alisa Joy, was killed by an underage drunk driver. While the pain of losing a loved one to drunk driving is devastating, we at Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are committed to educating families about how to prevent such needless tragedies.
Teen alcohol use kills 6,000 young people each year, more than all other illegal drugs combined. However, research shows that three out of four teens say their parents are the number one influence on their decisions about alcohol. So it makes sense to provide parents with the tools to effectively harness their tremendous influence. … (Source: Join Together, 08/19/11)

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Vermont Leads U.S. in Underage Drinking

Samstag 6. August 2011 von htm

Vermont has the highest rate of underage drinking in the nation, a new federal report reveals. The state ranks second in youth marijuana use, the Burlington Free Press reports.
The report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is a state-by-state analysis of a range of behavioral health issues. The report found 36.6 percent of 12- to 20-year-olds in Vermont said they drank alcohol in the previous month, the highest rate in the nation. Utah had the lowest underage drinking rate, 14.2 percent. … (Source: Join Together, 08/4/11)

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USA: APIS Announces Update of Alcohol Policy Information

Donnerstag 30. Juni 2011 von htm

The Alcohol Policy Information System (APIS), a project by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, announces its latest update of state-by-state alcohol policies. The update reports developments in 29 current APIS policy topics, for the period 1/2/2009 through 1/1/2010. Visit the APIS website to obtain details on these and other important policy developments across the country. Many of these changes are consistent with the goal of reducing underage drinking and its consequences as well as alcohol-related death and injury in the general population. (Source: Marin Institute, 06/29/11)

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USA: WV Students Create Public Service Announcements To Prevent Underage Drinking

Dienstag 14. Juni 2011 von htm

More than two dozen West Virginia youth from Cabell, Greenbrier and Kanawha counties will star in new public service announcements (PSAs)
designed to raise awareness of and prevent underage drinking. Earlier this year, the teams of youth from Cabell County’s Substance Abuse
Prevention Coalition, the Marshall University Ad Club, Greenbrier East High School and the South Charleston Housing Authority submitted draft scripts for this year’s 2011 PSA Challenge. This month, the youth will fine-tune their scripts and work with the Tri-State CW and WV Radio Corporation to produce the television and radio spots. … (Source: Alcohol Reports, 06/13/11) prevnet.org, 06/13/11 Comment: This could be an idea for other regions too.

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USA: Alcohol Content of Tilt Malt Beverage Lowered

Donnerstag 26. Mai 2011 von htm

The maker of the popular Tilt malt beverage is lowering the drink’s alcohol content from 12 percent to 8 percent for a 24-ounce container. Anheuser-Busch announced that the new drinks will be sold starting this summer.
The Wall Street Journal reports that Sparks flavored malt beverages made by MillerCoors also have a maximum of 8 percent alcohol by volume. The article notes that the changes to Tilt come as malt beverages such as Four Loko are being criticized for encouraging underage and binge drinking. … (Source: Join Together, 5/25/11)

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Surveillance Report #91 – Trends in Underage Drinking in the United States, 1991-2009

Dienstag 24. Mai 2011 von htm

This surveillance report, prepared by the Alcohol Epidemiologic Data System (AEDS), National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), presents data on underage drinking for 1991–2009.
This is the fourth of a series of reports to be published every two years on underage drinking and related attitudes and risk behaviors. Data for this series are compiled from three separate nationally representative surveys: the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), the Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey, and the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS).
The following are highlights of trends from 1991 through 2009. … (Source: Alcohol Reports, 5/23/11)

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