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U.K.: Backlash Over Plan to Extend TV Advertising

Freitag 8. Januar 2010 von htm

„Ministers are facing fierce opposition from medical groups, teaching unions and children’s charities over plans to allow products to be used in television programmes for marketing purposes for the first time. Critics claim the move, which broadcasters say will give them up to £140m a year in extra revenue, will fuel childhood obesity, exacerbate the problems caused by alcohol and gambling, and distort storylines by rewarding programme makers for deliberately giving certain items high visibility. The British Medical Association has written to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) strongly opposing the plan….(Source: Harvard World Health News, 1/7/10) The Guardian, London, Online, 1/3/10 Comment: They just try before the EU brings its contrary recommendations. Switzerland has decided last year this way, why Britain should not?

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First decrease in alcohol consumption in Estonia since 2001

Freitag 5. Juni 2009 von htm

The Estonian Institute of Economic Research published its annual report on alcohol consumption in May. According to their research, Estonians drank 11,9 litres of pure alcohol per capita in 2008. In 2007 – 12,6. That was the first decrease since 2001. This 5,3% decrease can be credited to some important alcohol policy changes that were introduced in 2008. During 2008, alcohol taxes were raised by 30% (20% in January 2008 and an additional 10% in July 2008). From August 2008, alcohol retail sale was banned during night time from 22:00. From 1 November 2008 alcohol advertising on TV was only permitted after 21:00 (previously alcohol ads were aired from 20:00). (Source: Eurocare Newsletter April/May 09)

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