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Kenya: Alcohol dealers have nine months to play by the new strict law

Mittwoch 17. November 2010 von htm

The government is planning to raise the drinking age to 21, up from 18 years. The law also restricts sale of alcohol in supermarkets and other public premises.
Even Nacada is not clear on what happens on November 27 when the law is expected to come into effect.
The new law on alcoholic drinks, expected to come into effect next weekend, will be implemented in nine months but some aspects take immediate effect.
The National Campaign Against Drug Abuse Authority (Nacada) says the renewal or issuance of new liquor licences has been put on hold until the new Act comes into effect. Reacting to media reports last week claiming there was uncertainty and confusion on effecting of the new law, Nacada — in a Sunday advertisement — says the government will give the sector a transition period of nine months to adapt to the new law. The law will become effective as soon as the implementation date is gazetted by the Minister for Internal Security. (Source: Alcohol Report, 11/16/10) Daily Nation, 11/15/10

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