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UK: Failure To Tackle UK’s Alcohol Problem Could See Many Thousands Of Extra Liver Deaths

Mittwoch 23. Februar 2011 von htm

… Than In Other European Countries
The UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Australia, and New Zealand have similar cultures, genetic backgrounds and drinking cultures, and, until the mid-1980s, had similar death rates from liver disease. However, while liver death rates in most of these countries have remained low since then, the UK has seen a doubling of its liver death rate from 4.9 per 100,000 population to 11.4. In a Comment published Online First by The Lancet, three experts, including Royal College of Physicians Past President Ian Gilmore, discuss the thousands of deaths from liver disease that can be avoided if the UK adopts appropriate alcohol policies. (Source: Medical News Today, 02/22/11)

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top news: Alcohol Is Most Harmful Drug, Followed By Heroin And Crack

Dienstag 2. November 2010 von htm

Alcohol is the most damaging drug to the drinker and others overall, heroin and crack are the second and third most harmful, Professor David Nutt and colleagues wrote in the medical journal The Lancet today. When all factors related to self harm and harm to others are considered, alcohol comes out top. The authors explain that drugs, including tobacco products and alcohol are major contributors to damage to individuals as well as society as a whole.
The harms that are caused by drugs need to be comprehensively assessed so that policy makers can be properly advised regarding health, social care and policing, the authors write; not an easy undertaking because drugs can cause damage in so many different ways. (Source: Medical News Today, 11/1/10) our online-comment: For many decades alcohol has been called the socio-medical problem No.1. This study is just an additional piece of proof. But a very valuable one, as it comes in a time when governments are not willing to implement the new alcohol strategy of the World Health Organization (May 2010), even if they signed it, because they are under permanent pressure of the global alcohol industry. This sort of corruption costs human tragedies and lives every day and the people is not able to protest as it is not informed.
(see press release by Active, 11/03/10)

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Oral Question to the EU-Commission on alcohol advertising

Donnerstag 17. Dezember 2009 von htm

Please note that the question below will be answered at the next plenary session.
Last spring, a report was presented by the Science Group at the request of the Alcohol and Health Forum entitled ‚The impact of marketing communication on the volume and patterns of consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially by young people‘.
The report reveals that twelve of thirteen studies examined show that alcohol advertising affects the point at which young people start drinking alcohol and persuades those who already drink to increase their consumption. The studies also show that there is a direct link between how much advertising young people are exposed to and how much they increase their consumption. Moreover, a report produced by the Commission shows that self-regulation on alcohol advertising, as advocated by the alcohol industry, does not produce particularly good results. Strict regulations are more effective.
The rules already in existence stipulating that alcohol advertising must not be aimed directly at young people are, in practice, ineffective. A total ban on alcohol advertising is the best way of reducing drinking among young people, as also shown by a study published in the scientific journal ‚The Lancet‘.
In the light of the above, would the Commission consider banning alcohol advertising, in the same way as tobacco advertising, on health grounds? (Source: Eurocare Newsletter October/November 09) (European Parliament, Anna Hedh, 11/26/09)

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A Global Look at Alcohol Burden and Policies

Freitag 4. September 2009 von htm

A three-part series recently published in The Lancet (the British equivalent of the Journal of the American Medical Association) brings attention to the substantial harm that alcohol causes around the world, most of which could be prevented or reduced. (Source: Marin Institute, 9/3/09) (We reported earlier on it)

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