Alkoholpolitik und Volksgesundheit

THE GLOBE – Issue 2 – 2012

Freitag 11. Mai 2012 von htm

In this issue:

NCD Alcohol Target Dropped to Placate Drinks Industry

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives used “to undermine alcohol control policies”

Free trade agreements “threaten public health”

Global Alcohol Policy Conference – DECLARATION

Adults in Europe consume three standard alcoholic drinks per day on average New report on alcohol in European Union
and more….
THE GLOBE No. 2, 2012

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THE GLOBE – Issue No 2 2011

Montag 4. Juli 2011 von htm

Online with many important articles:
* Alcohol and Cancer in the spotlight
* Alcohol and cancer – the forgotten link
* New WHO report: deaths from noncommunicable diseases on the rise, with developing world hit hardest
* Countries endorse a resolution on noncommunicable diseases at the World Health Assembly
* Is the cardio-protective action of alcohol a myth?
* Teaching responsible drinking ‘doesn’t work’ ….

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THE GLOBE 1 – 2011

Dienstag 19. April 2011 von htm

Headline: Alcohol and Non-Communicable Diseases
Also in this issue:
Action needed to reduce health impact of harmful alcohol use
UK Government proposes deal with drinks industry to tackle alcohol harm
EU Focus on Alcohol and Cancer
Liver experts’ consensus: European citizens are drinking themselves to death
Medical Evidence ‘Shows Drinking Age Should Be 21’ …
(Source: ias.org.uk

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THE GLOBE 3 2010

Dienstag 18. Januar 2011 von htm

Content, e.g.: * Alcohol, HIV and Public Health
* Alcohol and tobacco ‘more harmful than cannabis and ecstasy’
* Tax increases ‘superior to minimum prices’
* Facebook updates alcohol guidelines
* Eurocare Presses for Ingredient Labeling on Alcohol
* Convergence in teenage drunkenness in Western countries (Source: GAPA, The Globe)

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The Globe issue 2/2010

Dienstag 5. Oktober 2010 von htm

Journal of the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA) ist online erhältlich. Form the list of content:
* Proof? Article reprinted by kind permission of the magazine of Johns Hopkins Public Health
* Row over new US Dietary Guidelines on Alcohol
* UK licensing reform ‘a mistake’
* Alcohol increases aggression – but only in some
* Ireland Lowers Drink-Drive Limit
* EU Alcohol Policy Conference

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THE GLOBE – issue 1/2010

Samstag 19. Juni 2010 von htm

From the content: Global alcohol strategy endorsed. – UK Government „too close to drinks industry“. – Indian Government urged to formulate National Alcohol Policy. – Articles on Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Pacific Region, etc. THE GLOBE 1/2010 online

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THE GLOBE 3/2009 issued

Freitag 8. Januar 2010 von htm

On the cover of this issue: Global Alcohol Strategy on the right track
Also in this issue:
* Draft global strategy to reduce harmful use of alcohol – Summary of Report
* Swedish Presidency – Major Alcohol Conference in Stockholm
* EU Alcohol Strategy makes a promising start
* GAPA Board meets in Sweden
* European Economic and Social Committee calls for statutory controls on alcohol marketing Self-regulation ‘not enough’, etc. All articles online

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THE GLOBE, issue 2/2009

Mittwoch 26. August 2009 von htm

Click here to download the complete journal in pdf format. (Source: THE GLOBE 2/2009 with articles )

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THE GLOBE, Issue 1, 2009

Freitag 22. Mai 2009 von htm

On the cover of this issue: * GAPA Chairman receives “Lifetime Achievement Award”
Also in this issue:
* Editorial. Advocacy for The Global Alcohol Strategy – The Task for NGOs
* Progress on Global Alcohol Strategy
* New Zealand Government supports Global Alcohol Strategy
* Chief Medical Officer for England calls for Minimum Pricing of Alcohol
* Action for a Sober South Africa
* Intoxicating Brands: Alcohol Advertising and Youth
* New Products for New Drinkers
* Report suggests affordability of alcohol is a driver of consumption and harm
* Conference on the prevention of alcohol-related harm in East Africa
etc. THE GLOBE is available online here.

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