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Swedish alcohol intake hikes after EU entry

Mittwoch 2. Mai 2012 von htm

Contemporary Swedes drink significantly more alcohol and eat more meat since the country joined the European Union in 1995, according to a new report by the Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jordbruksverket).

„With regards to alcoholic drinks and meat, the liberalisation of imports and price developments have contributed to increased consumption,“ the board explained in a statement.

One of the key points of negotiation during Sweden’s EU membership application process concerned the issue of the state-controlled alcohol retail monopoly Systembolaget.

Sweden secured the right to retain the monopoly until 2004 after which time import restrictions were eased for private individuals. The board’s report notes that the easing of import restrictions has led to an increase in consumption. The report shows that the consumption of alcoholic beverages increased by 56 percent from 1995 to 2009, primarily of high-alcohol beer and wine.
(Source: Alcohol Reports, News 18/2012) thelocal.se, 04/28/12

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Alcohol News – 35/2011

Mittwoch 31. August 2011 von htm

e.g.: YLE News (Finland/Estonia) – Alcohol tourism to Estonia set to increase
YLE News (Finland) – Study: Finns unfazed by summer binge drinking
The Local.se (Sweden) – Swedish alcohol monopoly launches ‚booze camera‘ iPhone app
Drunken Swedes can now record their boozed-up antics with a new iPhone app launched on Monday by a subsidiary of the country’s state-owned alcohol monopoly. … (Source: Alcohol Reports, 08/30/11)

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Swedes drink less alcohol

Donnerstag 7. Juli 2011 von htm

Swedes are drinking less alcohol than before. The trend is visible among the younger generation; older people drink as much
The alcohol consumption in Sweden was 13% lower in 2010 compared with 2004 when the consumption peaked. This development has come as a surprise for many researchers since the import restrictions for private use was liberalized in 2004.
-When the quotas were liberalized in 2004 and the alcohol consumption reached record levels, not many people foresaw this development. It seems like the mechanisms are more complex than we thought; said Mats Ramstedt, researcher about alcohol at SoRAD (Centre for research on Drugs and Alcohol) to the news site forskning.se. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 07/04/11) stockholmnews.com, 06/27/11

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Sweden: State liquor stores moot higher tax on wine

Mittwoch 1. Juni 2011 von htm

Sweden’s state-run alcohol retail monopoly Systembolaget has demanded an extra tax on box wine equating a price hike of up to 25-30 percent in order to curb the thirst for bag-in-box wines.
A wine box typically contains the equivalent of four bottles of wine, but typically costs as much as three – a discount that the Systembolaget wants to see removed.
„We want to look over the possibilities for adapting alcohol taxes so that the quantity discount on box wine declines,“ said Systembolaget’s press spokesperson Lennart Agén to the TT news agency. The idea was described as „interesting“ by a spokesperson for public health minister Maria Larsson. Agén observed that a boxed wine is 15-30 percent cheaper than the equivalent quantity in bottles. … (Source: Alcohol Reports, 05/30/11) thelocal.se, 5/26/11 our online-comment: I am sure, many public health specialists in other countries would be glad if they could have such a system which reduces alcohol consumption to such an extent. In any case cheap alcohol by special sales reductions should be avoided.

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Sweden launches new strategy to combat narcotic, alcohol problems

Dienstag 26. April 2011 von htm

The Swedish government Tuesday launched a new comprehensive strategy to deal with alcohol, drugs, doping and tobacco problems together, Xinhua informs.
„The overall objective is to make Swedish society free from illicit drugs and doping with fewer medical and social damage caused by alcohol and tobacco,“ Maria Larsson, Swedish Minister for Children and Elderly, said in a statement.
The goal is to address the overall problem caused by the use and abuse of alcohol, drugs, doping and tobacco.
Statistics show that 15 percent of the total disease burden in Sweden is due to the harmful effects that may be linked to the use and abuse of alcohol, drugs, doping and tobacco.
The strategy is proposed for 2011-2015 and was passed in the parliament at the end of March this year.
The government will invest 260 million kronor (about 40 million U.S. dollars) per year to support effort such as parents whose children take drugs or children who are abused at home. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 04/25/11) focus-fen.net, 04/20/11

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Sweden: Ban on televised alcohol marketing circumvented since 2003

Freitag 1. April 2011 von htm

Alcohol marketing on television is banned in Sweden, but since 2003 a number of TV channels have circumvented the Swedish Alcohol Act by broadcasting from the UK. It has been possible, but whether it is legal or not is not yet clear.
That is why IOGT-NTO has sent a complaint on the fourth of March, concerning 32 companies who have broadcasted or produced alcohol advertisement targeting a Swedish audience, to the Swedish Consumer Agency and the Swedish Broadcasting Authority. The list includes among others Carlsberg Sweden, TV3 and Kanal 5.
‘It is obviously a problem that a number of companies can ignore the Swedish legislation’, says Sara Heine, handling the complaint from IOGT-NTO. (Source: EUCAM, 03/04/11)

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Consumption Report 2010: Swedes‘ alcohol consumption

Dienstag 11. Januar 2011 von htm

Despite the fact that the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly’s sales are rising and statistics from Statistics Sweden indicate that we drink more and more alcohol, the trend is going in the opposite direction – Swedes‘ alcohol consumption is falling. This emerges from the Consumption Report 2010 (Konsumtionsrapporten 2010) published by the Centre for Consumer Science at the University of Gothenburg.
According to Mats Ramstedt, a researcher at SoRAD, it is due to the fact that Swedes consume less and less alcohol from abroad. SoRAD has also included purchases abroad through legal imports, internet orders and smuggled spirits in its statistics. (Source: Google Alcohol News, 01/11/11) juraforum.de, 11.1.11

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S: Government plan to fight substance abuse

Dienstag 11. Januar 2011 von htm

The Swedish center-right government has presented a four-year plan to reduce the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and narcotics – especially among the youngsters. While nation-wide statistics show a general decrease, abuse among young people is on the increase. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 1/10/11) sverigesradio.se, 1/07/11

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S: Risky job to review beverage serving

Dienstag 11. Januar 2011 von htm

Three out of ten municipal alcohol administrators have experienced threats in connection with their work of inspecting alcoholic beverage serving at restaurants and pubs, according to a survey among the country’s all 308 alcohol administrators in Sweden. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 1/10/11) stockholmnews.com, 1/08/11

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An Australian Council Calls For Reducing Alcohol Limit for Driving

Montag 6. Dezember 2010 von htm

A debate has been started in Australia for reducing the alcohol limit for driving in order to alter the driving etiquettes.
A discussion paper was introduced by the Australian Transport Council this week to urge for the reduction of the national alcohol limit to 20mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. The council cited the example of Sweden, where reducing alcohol limit from 50mg to 20mg, there was experienced 10% decrease in the accidents related to drinking plus driving.
The alcohol limit in New Zealand is 80mg, while than in Victoria is 50mg. There is 13% of concentration of drivers aged 18 to 25 years olds in Vitoria and there 36% of all drink drivers face fatality related to road accidents. (Source: Google Alcohol News, 12/05/10) topnews.net.nz, 12/05/10

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