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Brazil Leaders Revolt Against FIFA

Donnerstag 8. März 2012 von htm

A special committee of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies is expected to vote Tuesday on the “General Law of the Cup” (“Lei Geral da Copa”), but relations between the government and the head of the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) have completely melted down after macho comments by Secretary General Jérôme Valcke. Last month, Valcke stated “Alcoholic drinks are part of the FIFA World Cup, so we’re going to have them. Excuse me if I sound a bit arrogant but that’s something we won’t negotiate.”

Valcke caused an explosive response in Brazil when he stated on Friday: “You have to push yourself, get a kick up the backside and just deliver this World Cup.“ That arrogant comment led to a powerful response by Brazilian Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo on Saturday, „In light of these statements, which are inadequate and unacceptable comments for any type of relationship, the Brazilian government… no longer accepts Secretary-General Valcke as an interlocutor.“ Brazilian presidential adviser Marco Aurelio Garcia added fuel to the fire Sunday, calling Valcke a loudmouth and a bum (“boquirroto” and “vagabundo”).

In an effort to reduce alcohol-related sports violence and protect public health in general, alcohol sales have been banned from football stadiums in Brazil since 2003. A World Health Organization study that included Brazil showed that about 46% of violent incidents seen in the emergency room were related to alcohol use. …
(Source: Alcohol Justice, 03/06/12)
See also press release by IOGT-International

PS Unfortunately, the special committee of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies has accepted the “General Law of the Cup”. It’s a shame! Now it is up to the parliament.

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Many People Struggling To Cope With Hangovers In Britain

Donnerstag 27. Mai 2010 von htm

Over 520,000 people in the United Kingdom arrive at work with a hangover each day, according to a study carried out by Drinkaware, a UK charity claiming to provide consumers with information to make informed decisions about the effects of alcohol on their lives and lifestyles.
The study, released today, shows that the average Brit goes to work suffering the after effects of excessive alcohol three times monthly. Of those who admit to being hung over, 17% confess to struggling to keep on top of their workload and to making mistakes. 7% of people with a hangover say they had to leave work early because they did not feel well enough to carry on.
With the World Cup football (soccer) tournament starting next month, Drinkaware believes these figures will spike in June and July, having a direct impact on productivity throughout the country. (Source: Medical News Today, 5/26/10)

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