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SMART: developing standarised drinking survey methodologies for Europe

Freitag 4. März 2011 von htm

The SMART project (Standardizing measurement of alcohol-related troubles) [1] has been looking into developing standardised methodologies to survey drinking behaviours as well as standarised cost-benefit analyses of alcohol policies.
The project has been funded under the EU Public Health Programme and it is to be seen in the context of An EU Strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol related harm. Adopting a common strategy requires common methodologies to monitor both its implementation and its impact. However, there is not a standardized survey methodology which could be applied across Europe for comparative purposes. This was the gap that the SMART project came to fill. …
[2] Ten countries participated representing various drinking cultures and different levels of political development ranging from Nordic Finland, new EU countries including the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary and Poland, Western European countries: Germany, UK and Ireland as well as Mediterranean Italy and Spain. (Source: Eurocare Newsletter January-February 2011)

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