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USA: Oklahoma Bill Would Make Legal Alcohol Limit for Boaters Same as for Motorists

Mittwoch 11. Mai 2011 von htm

An Oklahoma bill passed by the state’s House and Senate would lower the legal alcohol limit for boaters, matching the limit for motorists. Currently the legal blood alcohol limit for boaters is 0.10 percent. The bill would lower it to 0.08 percent, The Oklahoman reports.
The measure passed unanimously in both the House and Senate and now awaits the governor’s signature. …
According to the U.S. Coast Guard, alcohol use is the leading contributing factor in fatal boating accidents; it was the leading factor in 21% of boating deaths in 2007. (Source: Join Together, 5/9/11)

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USA: Senate Decides On Maryland Alcohol Tax Bill

Mittwoch 30. März 2011 von htm

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — An increase in Maryland’s alcohol tax advanced in the Maryland Senate on Tuesday, with a significant portion of the first year’s proceeds set aside for Prince George’s County and Baltimore schools.
The Senate measure would raise Maryland’s sales tax on alcohol from 6 percent to 9 percent over three years by 1 percent a year. Fiscal analysts said they estimate that it would raise about $29 million in fiscal year 2012, $58 million the following year and $85 million in the third year. (Source: Google Alcohol News, 03/30/11) wbaltv.com, 03/29/11

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Georgia, USA: Senate Passes Sunday Alcohol Sales Bill

Donnerstag 17. März 2011 von htm

ATLANTA — The Georgia state senate narrowly passed a bill Wednesday that would allow local cities and counties to vote on Sunday alcohol sales.
After nearly four hours of debate and multiple amendments, senators passed the measure 32-22, three more votes than needed for passage. It was Crossover Day, the last day for the bill to pass in the Senate in order for it to stand a chance at becoming a law. The bill is now headed to the House of Representatives for a vote. (Source: Google Alcohol News, 03/17/11) wsbtv.com, 03/17//11

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USA: Bill dies in GOP caucus

Samstag 19. Februar 2011 von htm

ATLANTA — Senate Republicans decided behind closed doors not to bring up a bill for a roll-call vote on allowing the public to decide if their communities can sell alcohol on Sunday afternoons.
Senate Republican Leader Chip Rogers told reporters gathered outside his office Thursday that the GOP Caucus didn’t have enough support to guarantee passage of Senate Bill 10. (Source: Google Alcohol News, 02/18/11) chronicle.augusta.com, 02/17/11

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Student Death Prompts Underage-Drinking Reporting Reform in Utah

Freitag 26. Februar 2010 von htm

Youths who call for help when underage drinkers get sick from drinking will get leniency — but not a free pass — from the courts under legislation approved by a Utah Senate panel. (Source: Join Together, 2/24/10)

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Parity Bill Approved by Wisconsin Senate

Mittwoch 17. Februar 2010 von htm

A bill that would require insurers to cover addiction and mental health services on par with other health conditions has been approved by the Wisconsin Senate, the Wisconsin Radio Network reported Jan. 29. The measure passed 19-13 and moved to the state Assembly for consideration. (Source: Join Together, 2/16/10)

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USA: Beer Tax Eyed to Pay for Healthcare Reform

Mittwoch 27. Mai 2009 von htm

Senate lawmakers are looking at raising the federal tax on beer and soft drinks as part of a funding package for national healthcare reform, which could cost the nation up to $1.5 trillion over 10 years. (Source: Join Together, 5/26/09) (with our comment)

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Immunity for Underage Drinkers Who Seek Emergency Help

Freitag 8. Mai 2009 von htm

The New Jersey Senate is considering legislation that would shield minors from prosecution if they call the police for help when friends need medical attention because they drank too much alcohol. This should save lives. (Source: Join Together, 5/6/09)

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