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USA: Alcohol has no place in St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Mittwoch 16. März 2011 von htm

Denver’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade last Saturday was very good, bringing a lot of families downtown to enjoy a cultural display and good family and community fun. I am a first-generation American and very proud of my Irish roots and their contribution to the educational and medical foundations in the USA….
I am very disappointed that open containers are allowed in the parade. Parades are family events. They should not be used for encouraging drinking and rowdy behavior, especially by the participants in the parade. I realize many spectators use this forum as an excuse to drink alcohol and act like fools, but at least the participants should not be allowed to exhibit such behavior. … ( Source: Google Alcohol News, 03/16/11) blogs.denverpost.com, 03/15/11

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USA: Breath Tests to Curb Rowdy Behavior at Football Games

Montag 23. November 2009 von htm

The University of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota are requiring season-ticket holders with a history of alcohol offenses to submit to game-day breath tests in order to attend future football games, the New York Times reported Nov. 19. (Source: Join Together, 11/20/09)

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