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48% of Australians Taking Action To Cut Back On The Booze

Sonntag 4. Juli 2010 von htm

A new report released las week on the state of Australia’s health shows half of all Australians (48.2 per cent) are taking action to reduce their drinking. „We know that drinking alcohol contributes to the leading causes of disease in Australians -heart disease, strokes and cancer, so it’s very positive that so many people are trying to cut down,“ said Robin Room, Director – AER Centre for Alcohol Policy Research at Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre.
The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s biennial Australia’s Health 2010 report shows that the impact alcohol has on health far outweighs any possible benefits. The report quotes National Health and Medical Research Council findings, which show benefits from alcohol might occur at very low levels of drinking, but it is doubtful there are any benefits at all. „Consumers deserve to know that there is very little protective effect for their physical health from drinking,“ said Mr Room. (Source: Medical News Today, 7/2/10)

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