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Dutch Minister doesn’t follow advise on alcoholic energy drinks

Donnerstag 8. Oktober 2009 von htm

On the 31th of July 2008, STAP, the Dutch institute for alcohol policy, made a call on the supermarkets to ban alcoholic energy drinks from their stock, because of the increased alcohol-related harm risks. As a reaction on this call, questions were raised to minister Klink of the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports about the risk of alcoholic energy drinks on the 4th of august 2008. The minister ordered an independent risk inventory of alcoholic energy drinks, executed by the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA). The aim of this literature study was to assess where ether the combination of alcohol use and energy drinks, increases the harmful risks of drinking alcohol. Unfortunately the minister refused to take action. (Source: EUCAM, 10/8/09

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