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Alcohol ban threat for Scotland’s under 21s Under 21 alcohol ban threat

Mittwoch 1. Juni 2011 von htm

Local authorities have been given the green light to ban individual outlets from selling alcohol to people aged between 18 and 21 where the stores have previously fallen foul of the law by selling to under 18s, or where there is a problem with teenage drinking.
The move comes as the majority SNP Government signals its intent to tackle Scotland’s unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Power to restrict sales only to those drinkers aged 21 and over would be a powerful tool in the arsenal of the local licensing boards who police the retailers. … (Source: Alcohol Reports, 5/30/11)

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Tell Governor Schwarzenegger to Protect Youth from Alcohol

Mittwoch 22. September 2010 von htm

AB 1060 is an important bill that would stop retailers from selling alcoholic beverages using a self-checkout system. AB 1060 has passed through the State Senate and Assembly and is awaiting the Governor’s signature.
Take Action

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Virginia Governor Leads Drive for Privatization of Liquor Distribution

Dienstag 27. Juli 2010 von htm

Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell has spent months quietly trying to build consensus around a plan to shutter state liquor stores established after Prohibition and return the distribution of alcohol to private wholesalers and retailers, the Washington Post reported July 18.
The plan would likely mean far more places where residents could buy liquor in a state where beer and wine can already be purchased in supermarkets and various other retail outlets. New tax revenues arising from the transfer to private hands would be directed to fixing the state’s transportation infrastructure. (Source: Join Together, 7/26/10)

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Mass. Law Barring Wine Shipments Ruled Unconstitutional

Mittwoch 20. Januar 2010 von htm

Massachusetts consumers may soon be able to order wine online and have it shipped directly from out-of-state wineries after the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals threw out the state’s latest attempt to control such shipments.
The Associated Press reported Jan. 15 that the court ruled that a 2006 law that forced larger winemakers to choose between selling through retailers or getting a license to ship directly to consumers was a violation of the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. The law was carefully crafted to exempt wineries located within Massachusetts from the requirement by making it applicable only to companies that produce 30,000 gallons of wine or more per year.(Source: Join Together, 1/19/10)

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