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Energy Drink Plus Alcohol Cocktail Raises Risks Linked To Drinking More Than Alcohol By Itself

Montag 18. April 2011 von htm

Mixing energy drinks, such as Red Bull with alcohol is probably more hazardous than consuming alcohol alone, researchers from Northern Kentucky University revealed in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research. The authors explain that energy-drink cocktails have become fashionable and have been anecdotally associated with risky drinking practices, resulting in injuries and accidents. They add that there is not much research about comparing energy drinks plus alcohol with alcohol alone. … (Source: Medical News Today, 04/17/11)

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D: Warnhinweise auf Energy-Drinks verlangt

Sonntag 11. April 2010 von htm

Bundesverbraucherministerin Ilse Aigner will Energy-Drinks grundsätzlich mit Warnhinweisen versehen. Das berichtet die «Saarbrücker Zeitung». Bitte nicht zu viel davon trinken, vor allem nicht beim Sport und schon gar nicht zusammen mit Alkohol – das sollen die Hinweise aussagen. (Quelle: Google Alkohol News, 11.4.10) zeit.de, 10.4.10

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Alcohol, Energy Drinks Add Up To Higher Intoxication Levels, etc.

Freitag 12. Februar 2010 von htm

Energy drinks, favored among young people for the beverages‘ caffeine jolt, also play a lead role in several popular alcoholic drinks, such as Red Bull and vodka. But combining alcohol and energy drinks may create a dangerous mix, according to University of Florida research. In a study of college-aged adults exiting bars, patrons who consumed energy drinks mixed with alcohol had a threefold increased risk of leaving a bar highly intoxicated and were four times more likely to intend to drive after drinking than bar patrons who drank alcohol only. (Source: Medical News Today, 2/11/10)

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