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UK: Alcohol pricing research

Freitag 21. Januar 2011 von htm

In early 2010, the previous government commissioned three pieces of research on alcohol pricing. This research has been considered as part of the review of alcohol pricing and the individual reports are available to download below.
* Economic impacts of alcohol pricing policy options in the UK (PDF file – 938kb)
This report will be of interest to government officials dealing with alcohol issues and will contribute to the UK government’s policy- and decisionmaking to address alcohol-related harms.
* Alcohol pricing, consumption and criminal harm: a rapid evidence assessment of the published research literature (PDF file – 776kb)
This report attempts to answer the following research question: To what extent does the research evidence support a direct association between the price of alcohol and crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour?
* Public perceptions of alcohol pricing – market research report (PDF file – 657kb)
The overall objective of this research is to understand the extent to which the general public would support a government intervention in alcohol pricing, with a specific focus on alcohol that is purchased to consume in the home. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 01/18/11)

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