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USA: FDA Calls 7 Caffeine-Alcohol Drinks Unsafe

Samstag 20. November 2010 von htm

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration told the manufacturers of seven caffeinated alcoholic beverages Wednesday that their drinks are a “public health concern” and can’t stay on the market in their current form.
The move follows a year-long review by the FDA, which gave the companies 15 days to either reformulate their products or face possible seizure under federal law, said Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, the agency’s principal deputy commissioner. Experts have said the caffeine used in the beverages can mask the effects of alcohol, leaving drinkers unaware of how intoxicated they are. … (Source: Google Alcohol News, 11/18/10) ksfm.radio.com, 11/17/10

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USA: Caffeine Added To Alcoholic Drinks Is An Unsafe Food Additive

Donnerstag 18. November 2010 von htm

…FDA Tells Drinks Makers
The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has told four drinks companies that adding caffeine to malt alcoholic drinks is an „unsafe food additive“. The FDA Warning Letters added that federal law allows for further action, including confiscation of malt alcoholic beverages with caffeine added. These drinks are a public health concern, the FDA wrote in a communiqué.
The FDA says it looked at studies and peer-reviewed documents about the consumption of alcohol mixed with caffeine, as well as talking to toxicologists, neuropharmacologists, emergency room doctors and epidemiologists. It also examined data provided by drinks makers. Laboratory analyses of alcoholic drinks with caffeine added were also carried out independently by the FDA. (Source: Medical News Today, 11/17/10)

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