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Alcohol Industry Should Prove No Harm In Funding Of Sports

Mittwoch 11. November 2009 von htm

Researchers from Australia and the UK are calling for a new approach to the debate over whether alcohol industry sponsorship of sports increases drinking among sports participants. They want to shift the burden of proof to the alcohol industry.
The debate over sports sponsorship saw renewed activity last year when the findings of a 2008 New Zealand study among sports participants showed that those who received alcohol industry sponsorship – especially in the form of free or discounted alcohol -drank more heavily than those not in receipt of such sponsorship. The study received extensive media coverage, but the Portman Group (a public relations body set up by the alcohol industry) and the European Sponsorship Association (whose members include leading alcohol producers) dismissed the results, citing no causal relationship between sponsorships and alcohol misuse. (Source: Medical News Today, 11/10/09) Online-Comment: Yes, but such studies should be done by a neutral university, not paid by the alcohol industry, as most studies, paid by an industry get a positive result for the industry.

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