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USA: Fewer Alcohol-Related Traffic Deaths in States With Heavier Control

Donnerstag 7. Juni 2012 von htm

A new Keystone Research Center report has found that states with more control of the sale and distribution of alcohol have fewer alcohol-related traffic fatalities than states with no such controls. The new analysis showed that with all else equal, a state with control characteristics like Pennsylvania has 58 fewer adult deaths per year from alcohol-related traffic accidents than it would if the state had no control over the distribution of alcohol. The findings reinforce the recent Community Preventive Services Task Force recommendations against the privatization of alcohol sales, and are particularly relevant in Pennsylvania given recent moves to privatize there. Check out Alcohol Justice fact sheets for more info on: – Effectiveness of State Control
– Dangers of Alcohol Sales Privatization
(Source: Alcohol Justice, 6/6/12)

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USA: Virginia Governor’s Office Resorts to Name-Calling

Mittwoch 26. Januar 2011 von htm

Don’t Shoot the Messenger – We had a feeling that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell wasn’t too interested in science when we highlighted his attempt last fall to privatize the control system of alcohol sales in his state. Numerous members of the state legislature as well as the media questioned his outlandish revenue predictions and how he was ignoring the facts.
Now it seems his obsession with privatization and inability to accept reality has spread to his staff. Source: Marin Institute, 01/25/11)

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USA: Alcohol taxes, privatization, and „charge for harm“

Mittwoch 3. November 2010 von htm

Massachusetts voted to repeal a 6.25 percent alcohol tax, and Washington has blocked at least one measure seeking to privatize liquor distribution. Meanwhile, California approved Prop. 26, possibly negating efforts to require the alcohol industry, among others, to pay for the harm caused by their products. (Source: Join Together, 11/03/10)

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