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UK: Voluntary alcohol labelling pledge on track says Portman Group

Freitag 6. Juli 2012 von htm

The Portman Group, the alcohol industry’s social responsibility body, has said alcohol producers are on track to deliver their pledge to provide health information on 80% of alcohol labels by the end of December 2013.

As part of the Government’s responsibility deal, alcohol producers have committed that three core labelling elements – clear unit content, NHS guidelines and a warning about drinking when pregnant – will appear on 80% of drinks. A Drinkaware link and responsibility statement are optional.

The Portman Group, who were given responsibility for monitoring the pledge, say current compliance is over 60%, with 18 months still remaining. More companies are expected to confirm their pledges in the coming months. …
(Source: Alcohol Policy UK, 07/05/12)

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UK: Portman Group will monitor Responsibility Deal labelling pledge

Dienstag 23. August 2011 von htm

The Portman Group, the industry’s social responsibility body, is to monitor and report on the industry’s progress on the voluntary labelling pledge.
The pledge to provide responsible drinking information on 80 per cent of alcohol labels on UK shelves by 2013 was set out as part of the Government’s controversial Responsibilty Deal earlier this year.
In a press release, the Portman Group said they would monitor and report publicly on the industry’s progress towards the labelling goal. They are contacting all companies who signed up to the pledge asking them to re-affirm their commitments. A database summarising the pledges, companies and brands involved will be published at a later date. … (Source: Alcohol Policy UK, 08/22/11) Comment: The Portman Group will like this job as labelling is not much preventive.

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UK: Charity calls for ban on alcohol sponsorship at events

Sonntag 13. Februar 2011 von htm

Alcohol sponsorship should be banned for sports and cultural events in Wales in order to help cut the boozy culture, according to an alcohol awareness charity.
Alcohol Concern Cymru has said that the marketing on view at such events is distorting the public’s view of how “safe” drinking is. However, the Portman group, the representative for drinks manufacturers, commented that there was little proof to show that advertising bans worked. It claimed that it is more effective to promote responsible drinking rather and encourage people to drink sensibly….(Source: Google Alcohol News, 02/13/11) carrentals.co.uk, 02/13/11 our Online-Comment: It is proofed by many studies that alcohol ads do influence youth drinking. It is also clear that the alcohol industry always is in favour of prevention measures which do not reduce their profits. Alcohol sponsoring should be banned.

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