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What Makes an Ad Pornahol?

Donnerstag 7. Oktober 2010 von htm

When Chris Rock says something provocative he follows it with: “Yup, I said it.“
When Bruce Horovitz of USA Today sent me the ad copy for the new SKYY Vodka advertising campaign and asked what I thought of it, I opened the file and blurted “It’s porn-a-hol.”
Yup, I said it. The word appropriately describes a type of advertising for alcoholic beverages that is exploitive and soft-porn. Unfortunately, that’s not a rare practice in the world of Big Alcohol.
This isn’t the first time SKYY Vodka and its corporate owner Campari have conducted pornaholic advertising campaigns. They have a history of using revealing images with (parts of) women’s bodies in submissive positions to sell their products. And no, we’re not going to link to every single one of them here.
The messaging is simple: “drink the booze, get the girl.” (And for young women: “be the girl,” since they’ve placed the latest ads in Cosmopolitan and InStyle magazines, as well as Rolling Stone and Maxim.) (Source: Marin Institute News, 10/6/10-9/30/10)

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