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The Association Of Alcohol Drinking With Migraine Headache

Dienstag 14. Juni 2011 von htm

Migraine is a neurovascular disease that affects about 15% of the western population. Compounds in foods and beverages (chocolate, wine, citrus, etc) considered as migraine triggers include tyramine, phenylethylamine and possibly histamine and phenolic compounds. Avoiding those triggers may significantly reduce the frequency of migraines in some patients. However, only a small percentage of patients in one study became headache-free simply by excluding those foods, epidemiological studies are pointing out that genetic factors may be an underlying cause. … (Source: Medical News Today, 06/13/11)

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Patients with Alcohol Use Disorders at Greater Risk of Dying From Hospital Infections

Mittwoch 20. April 2011 von htm

Patients with alcohol use disorders who develop an infection while in the hospital are more likely to die from the infection, than patients without an alcohol disorder, a new study finds. These patients are also more likely to stay longer in the hospital and have higher costs.
Health care-associated infections, which patients pick up in the hospital or other health care setting, affect about 1.7 million Americans each year, according to the study, as reported in HealthDay. (Source: Join Together, 04/19/11)

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EU: Hearing of John Dalli – Commissioner Designate for Health and Consumer Policy

Mittwoch 20. Januar 2010 von htm

14 January 2010. Mr. John Dalli, designate EU Commissioner for Health was heard yesterday by the Members of the European Parliament. To watch the hearing click here
At the end of the hearing the ENVI Chairman Jo Leinen (S&D, DE) remarked that it was evident from the replies that the candidate had over 20 years of political experience and anyone that could get regular applause from Dagmar Roth Behrendt (D-S&D) must be doing well.Mr Dalli’s performance was punctuated with applause on several occasions. He promised to be the guardian of Consumer interests in the Commission, which pleased the IMCO Members, and when faced with the balance between industry and consumers or patients, he said he would always put patients and consumers first – but that it was also in industry’s interest to do so too.
In his opening address he promised to put patients and consumers first and to be independent and objective.
(Source: Eurocare Newsletter December 09-January 10) Comment: This report looks much better than the one on January 15.

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U.S. Hospitals to Screen Patients for Addictions?

Montag 14. September 2009 von htm

Proposed Accreditation Standards Could Compel U.S. Hospitals to Screen Patients for Addictions
A proposal to include screening and brief intervention for addictions in national quality and accreditation standards for hospitals could be one of the most important developments ever for addiction treatment — or wind up being something far less significant, depending upon the outcome of ongoing discussions and feedback from the medical community. (Source: Join Together, 9/11/09)

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The Human Cost Of Alcohol in Scotland

Freitag 3. April 2009 von htm

Doctors Speak Out, BMA Scotland. Doctors reveal the stark reality of Scotland’s alcohol misuse problem in a new report published by BMA Scotland today (Thursday 2 April 2009). In The Human Cost of Alcohol Misuse, doctors working in the NHS speak out about the serious health consequences of alcohol misuse on their patients. – In the last year 42, 430 patients were discharged from Scotland’s hospitals for alcohol related conditions. – There has been a 400% increase in the number of people with alcoholic liver disease since 1996. – In 2006, an estimated 111,200 GP consultations in Scotland were for alcohol misuse. – Alcohol kills six people in Scotland every day. (Source: Medical News Today, 4/2/09)

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Single Question Can Identify Unhealthy Alcohol Use In Patients

Freitag 13. März 2009 von htm

Researchers at Boston Medical Center (BMC) have found that a single-screening question recommended by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) accurately identifies unhealthy alcohol use in primary-care patients. (Source: Medical News Today, 3/12/09)

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Aufruf an französische Parlamentarier

Mittwoch 4. März 2009 von htm

Die französische Gesundheits-Lobby erlässt einen Aufruf an die Parlamentarier zur Behandlung von Gesetzen über die Alkoholwerbung im Internet, etc. im livre III “Prévention et santé publique“ de la loi “Hôpital, Patients, santé, territoires“. (Quelle: A.N.P.A.A. Pressemitteilung, 4.3.09)

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