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USA: Gasolina “Party in a Pouch” Adds New Fuel to the Booze Fire Targeting Urban Kids

Donnerstag 30. Juni 2011 von htm

Gasolina-CapriSun Following in the footsteps of brands like Four Loko and Blast who use colorful, youth-oriented packaging and pop-culture icons to market their products to an underage, urban demographic, newcomer Gasolina Urban Blends has upped the ante with its “Party in a Pouch“ line: Brightly colored, 200-ml aluminum pouches complete with little straws inside to suck up the vodka, tequila, and rum, plus some fruit juice.
These pouches look remarkably similar to Capri Sun. Yes, the same packaging you see at youth soccer games across the country has now been repurposed for easy-access, take-anywhere alcohol. … (Source: Marin Institute, 06/29/11)

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USA: Alcohol industry grapples with nutrition labeling

Donnerstag 20. Januar 2011 von htm

Pick up just about any beverage on store shelves and on the back of the packaging you’ll find a numerical rundown of calories, carbs, etc. Unless, that is, the beverage is alcohol.
Some folks want to change that.
“In the year 2011, it’s sort of bizarre that alcohol’s the only consumable product sold in the United States that you can’t tell what’s inside the bottle,” says Guy L. Smith, executive vice president in North America for Diageo, the world’s leading distilled spirits, beer and wine company.
Diageo is supporting a proposal presently before the federal Tax and Trade Bureau — the agency with authority over alcohol labels — to list nutrition information such as calories, carbohydrates, serving size and alcohol per serving. But not everyone in the industry is as enthusiastic. (Source: Google Alcohol News, 1/20/11) mddailyrecord.com, 1/20/11 our Online-Comment: The European Union is also working on labels. But they have excluded alcoholic beverages at all, because the alcohol industry is against it. Maybe they follow when the USA begin. The effect on general consumption will be little.

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