Alkoholpolitik und Volksgesundheit

Alcohol, Malaysia and the Constitution

Freitag 14. Januar 2011 von htm

The Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) legal advisor, Nurhani Salwa, says local councils are free to formulate their own guidelines based on existing Syariah provisions to ban Muslim workers from working in entertainment centres that serve alcohol. She told this to Komunitikini, commenting on the MPSJ alcohol-ban controversy.
She says that their authority to do this is based on Section 18 (2) of the Syariah Crimes Enactment of Selangor 1995, which states that Muslims are prohibited from manufacturing, selling, offering to sell, displaying to sell or purchasing any alcoholic drinks. … (Source: Google Alcohol News, 01/14/11) komuniti.mlaysiakini.com, 01/14/11

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