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UK: Minimum alcohol pricing‘ is a Sin Tax

Mittwoch 19. Januar 2011 von htm

…designed to punish poor people for the crime of getting hammered.
“Minimum alcohol pricing” sounds like such an inoffensive idea. No one is likely to go to the barricades, far less to the wall, in order to “Smash Minimum Alcohol Pricing!” So in the interests of political honesty and clarity, and with an eye for encouraging some people to consider going to the barricades over this latest Lib-Con measure, I think we should start referring to “minimum alcohol pricing” by its true name. This is a Sin Tax, pure and simple, designed to punish people, specifically poor people, for the crime of occasionally wanting to get hammered and have fun. … (Source: Google Alcohol News, 01/18/11) blogs.telegraph.co.uk, 01/18/11 Comment: Typical arguments of a liberal. Many comments, some positive ones.

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