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Age, Period and Cohort Analysis of Light and Binge Drinking in Finland, 1968–2008

Freitag 22. April 2011 von htm

Aims: To analyse the effects of age, period and cohort (APC) on light and binge drinking in the general population of Finland over the past 40 years. …Conclusions: Light drinking has increased over time for each cohort, with no substantial differences between cohort profiles. Binge drinking has increased with more recent cohorts and there are distinct differences between cohort profiles, especially among women. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 04/21/11)

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Italy: Light To Moderate Drinking Linked To Fewer Heart Problems In Male Bypass Patients

Dienstag 16. November 2010 von htm

Light to moderate alcohol consumption (about two to three drinks daily) among male coronary artery bypass patients was associated with 25 percent fewer subsequent cardiovascular procedures, heart attacks, strokes and death compared to non-drinkers, in a study presented at the American Heart’s Association’s Scientific Sessions 2010.
However, bypass patients with left ventricular dysfunction who were moderate to heavy drinkers (more than six drinks daily) were twice as likely to have subsequent cardiovascular deaths compared to non-drinkers. … (Source: Medical News Today, 11/15/10) our Online-Comment: Always the same question comes up: Who are the abstainers? There is no explanation on that in this text. It is hard to believe that in Italy there are enough lifelong abstainers without any other health burden to build a correct control group for such a study. And who did finance this study? see presentation abstract, 11/15/10 Comment: Here they note lifelong abstainers. But no information about other risks. (Diabetes, smoking, social status)

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UK: No Evidence That Light Drinking In Pregnancy Harms Children’s Development(?)

Donnerstag 7. Oktober 2010 von htm

A new UK study that tracked children up to the age of 5, found no evidence that light drinking during pregnancy, that is when their mothers drank no more than one or two units of alcohol a week, harmed their behavioural or intellectual development.
However, government advice that women should avoid alcohol altogether in pregnancy remains in place. (Source: Medical News Today, 10/7/10) our Online-Comment: It is really remarkable how often researchers and institutes „find“ money to create studies in order to proof that moderate alcohol consumption is healthier than no alcohol at all. They just want to get a positive title in magazines and newspapers. At the end of the text they write of critical, not so positive aspects, but who wants to read this? Everybody is happy to be confirmed in his drinking behavior. But in the case of pregnancy it is criminal, because the child cannot defend himself. (see also comments on: Join Together, 10/14/10)

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