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Sweden: ‚Alcolocks‘ for all new cars: Social Democrats

Dienstag 16. November 2010 von htm

The Social Democrats have proposed that all new cars sold in Sweden be equipped with ignition locks to prevent a vehicle from starting if the driver is intoxicated.
The proposal, presented in the Riksdag on Friday, also calls for buses and trucks to come with the devices as well. According to the party, one in four traffic fatalities could be prevented with mandatory ignition locks.
The party’s traffic committee chairman Anders Ygeman is in favour of the government’s proposal on ignition locks as an alternative to revoking driving privileges for drunk driving offenses.
However, the Social Democrats want to go one step further with even more stringent legislation, including seeking an exemption from the EU that would allow Sweden to introduce ignition locks in all new cars. (Source: Alcohol Report, 11/16/10) thelocal.se, 11/15/10

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