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TOP NEWS: “Big Alcohol” agenda exposed

Freitag 5. Juni 2009 von htm

Researchers from the Curtin University of Technology in Australia have uncovered some of the secret workings and concerns of the international alcohol industry.
The information was uncovered by Curtin’s WA Tobacco Document Searching Program. This Program looks at confidential tobacco industry documents that have been accessible since the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) which required that millions of previously internal tobacco industry documents were to be made publicly available. “We realised that some international tobacco companies have owned alcohol companies, so we could obtain information on this industry as well,” said Mike Daube, Curtin’s Professor of Health Policy. These once confidential internal documents provide new evidence on the drinks industry’s concerns about possible alcohol control measures as well as the arguments and strategies they use to prevent any action that might impact on their sales. Top 10 alcohol industry concerns: …(Source: Eurocare Newsletter April/May 09)

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