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Low Levels of Awareness, Knowledge and Use in the Swedish Population

Montag 13. Juni 2011 von htm

Hazardous Drinking Concepts, Limits and Methods.
To investigate the awareness and knowledge of hazardous drinking limits among the general population in Sweden and the extent to which people estimate their alcohol consumption in standard drinks to assess their level of drinking.
A population-based study involving 6000 individuals selected from the total Swedish population was performed. Data were collected by means of a postal questionnaire. The mail survey response rate was 54.3% (n = 3200) of the net sample of 5891 persons. …
The results can be seen as a major challenge for the health-care system and public health authorities because they imply that a large proportion of the Swedish population does not know when alcohol consumption becomes a threat to their health. The current strategy to disseminate knowledge about sensible drinking limits to the population through the health-care system seems to have failed and new means of informing the population are warranted. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 06/11/11)

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CH: RADIX aktuell

Montag 11. Januar 2010 von htm

Informationen über aktuelle Aktionen in der gemeindenahen Suchtprävention. (Quelle: Google Alkohol Alert, 10.1.10) RADIX

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Pregnant women’s attitudes towards alcohol consumption

Samstag 6. Juni 2009 von htm

There is uncertainty as to whether there is a safe threshold for drinking alcohol during pregnancy. We explored pregnant women’s attitudes towards drinking alcohol in pregnancy and their attitudes towards sources of information about drinking in pregnancy following recent changes in UK government guidance.
Conclusions: Pregnant women wished to take responsibility for their own health and make choices based on informed advice. In order to do so, they require clear and consistent advice about safe levels of drinking from policy makers and health professionals. This is an important issue as women might drink socially during their pregnancy. (Source: BMC Public Health,6/5/09)

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