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Texas Senate Passes Bill Giving Immunity to Underage Drinkers

Freitag 22. April 2011 von htm

The Texas Senate this week passed a bill that would give immunity to underage drinkers who are seeking medical help in an emergency. The bill’s sponsor said it is aimed at minors who are afraid to seek help because they do not want to be charged with underage drinking.
The Houston Chronicle reports that the bill would give immunity from minor-in-possession and consumption of alcohol charges. The measure would require the minor to be the first person seeking medical assistance and to stay with the incapacitated person until help arrives. … (Source: Join Together, 04/21/11)

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Immunity for Underage Drinkers Who Seek Emergency Help

Freitag 8. Mai 2009 von htm

The New Jersey Senate is considering legislation that would shield minors from prosecution if they call the police for help when friends need medical attention because they drank too much alcohol. This should save lives. (Source: Join Together, 5/6/09)

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