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USA: N.D. Bill Would Ban Alcohol at College Sporting Events

Dienstag 1. Februar 2011 von htm

A bill introduced in North Dakota would ban alcohol use and possession at college sports events where minors are present, the Associated Press reported Jan. 14.
Rep. Chuck Damschen (R-Hampden) of the N.D. House of Representatives put the proposal forward to cut down on underage drinking. If the bill passed, alcohol would be prohibited in stadiums, arenas, and at tailgate parties where minors are present. (Source: Join Together, 01/28/11)

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Inquiry Recommendations Miss The Mark On Youth Violence, Australia

Sonntag 18. Juli 2010 von htm

The Australian Drug Foundation is astonished to see not one mention of alcohol and other drugs in all thirteen recommendations from the House of Representatives inquiry into the impact of violence on young Australians. The report, Avoid the Harm – Stay Calm, is due to be released today.
„The report states that the links between alcohol and violent behaviour have been well established, so we can’t understand why there’s no mention of alcohol and other drugs in any of the recommendations,“ said John Rogerson. (Source: Medical News Today, 7/16/10) with our online-comment: In Switzerland it took years, till the political authorities accepted officially that alcohol is one of the main reasons of violence. Even public health professionals were afraid to speak about it. Now the wind has changed. Fortunately.

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High-Alcohol Beer Bill Approved by Alabama House

Mittwoch 11. März 2009 von htm

Beer with an alcohol content of up to 13.9 percent by volume (till now 6 percent) would be legal for sale in Alabama, USA, under a measure approved by the state House of Representatives. The measure was approved on a 49-37 vote and now moves to the Senate. Sponsor Rep. Thomas Jackson said that neighboring states already allow sales of potent beer. (Source: Join Together, 3/10/09)

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