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UK: The trouble with recommended standard drinks

Sonntag 3. Januar 2010 von htm

Average UK Drinker Thinks A Unit Of Wine Is Twice What It Actually Is
People drinking spirits at home in England are giving themselves more than double (128% extra) what they would get in a pub if they ordered a single shot according to new figures revealed today by the Know Your Limits campaign. A series of experiments across England found that the average ‚home barman‘ pours themselves 57ml when they drink a spirit such as vodka, gin or whisky – 32ml more than a standard single 25ml measure. (Source: Medical News Today, 1/2/10) Comment: It is worrying even more because in other countries only one or two glasses for women or men are recommended. One reason is the drink industry which always produces bigger glasses to make it difficult to find the correct measure.

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