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Researchers Study How Excess Alcohol Depresses Immune Function

Dienstag 23. August 2011 von htm

Alcoholism suppresses the immune system, resulting in a high risk of serious, and even life-threatening infections. A new study shows that this effect stems largely from alcohol’s toxicity to immune system cells called dendritic cells. These cells play a critical role in immune function, responding to danger signals by searching for unfamiliar antigens within the body that would be coming from invading microbes, and presenting such antigens to T cells, thus activating them to seek and destroy cells containing these antigens. The research is published in the July 2011 issue of the journal Clinical and Vaccine Immunology. … (Source: Alcohol Reports – News, 08/22/11) infectioncontroltoday.com, 08/9/11

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Colleges Need to Target High-Risk Binge Drinkers

Montag 21. Dezember 2009 von htm

Environmental prevention strategies need to be coupled with interventions targeting high-risk individuals to effectively combat campus binge drinking, according to researchers from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.
Researchers said that half a million college students in the U.S. suffered injuries each year as a result of binge drinking. Many of those injuries are suffered by frequent, heavy drinkers, up to 40 percent of whom have been injured due to drinking, according to the study. (Source: Join Together, 12/18/09)

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