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Eurocare congratulates the Thai government on health warning labels

Mittwoch 27. Oktober 2010 von htm

Thailand has been planning on implementation of health warning messages on alcoholic beverages, and has notified World Trade Organisation about this proposal, since it is requested to do so as health warning labels might be perceived as an obstacle in trade. Eurocare is sending an Open Letter of Support for the Thailand’s initiative: …“Eurocare would like to take this opportunity to express our enthusiasm for this initiative and congratulate the Thai government for its willingness to take this bold step forward in the fight to tackle alcohol related harm. We send you our support for your ongoing negotiations in the meeting with the World Trade Organisation (Technical Barriers to Trade Committee, scheduled for 3-4 November 2010). …
Through the media, we have noted that influence is being exercised on you to withdraw the legislative proposal requiring the alcohol producers to place health warning labels. We are disappointed by the lack of support for your initiatives aiming at protecting the health of the Thai population from the European Union. There
should be no need to request more evidence to proof the effectiveness of health warning labels. …

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