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New Guide Safeguards Children Affected By Substance Misuse, UK

Donnerstag 2. Juni 2011 von htm

A third of drug addicts or problem drinkers in treatment have childcare responsibilities and the lives of these children are much improved when providers and children’s services get together early on to ensure the whole family gets the support it may need.
A new practical guide issued today (Wednesday, 1st June) by the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse (NTA) says those responsible for drink and drug treatment must take a wider, more preventative approach, identifying early on when families need help as well as protecting children from neglect and harm. (Source: Medical News Today, 06/01/11)

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Top News: New Guide For Regulating Alcohol Advertising

Mittwoch 8. April 2009 von htm

Marin Institute Publishes Critical Tool for Advocates and Policymakers to Protect Youth.
The country’s first guide to restricting out-of-home (OOH) alcohol advertising will help policymakers draft effective state and local laws to minimize youth exposure to ubiquitous alcohol advertising in the 21st Century.
The guide includes examples of current local and state alcohol advertising laws that can serve as models, as well as an explanation of commercial speech and the First Amendment. The OOH guide also describes the difference between public and private property and how advocates can push for legally-defensible laws in their communities.
Click here to download a copy from the Marin Institute website to learn how to protect your community from exposure to egregious alcohol advertising.

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