Alkoholpolitik und Volksgesundheit

WHO Global Information System on Alcohol and Health (GISAH)

Samstag 4. August 2012 von htm

The WHO Global Information System on Alcohol and Health (GISAH) provides easy and rapid access to a wide range of alcohol-related health indicators. It is an essential tool for assessing and monitoring the health situation and trends related to alcohol consumption, alcohol-related harm, and policy responses in countries. For country profiles, maps, reports, and links please see the theme page by clicking on the „Analysis“ tab above.

GISAH is overseen by a Steering Committee comprised of representatives from the WHO Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Canada). The financial support from the Valencian Autonomous Government, Spain is gratefully acknowledged.
(Source: Alcohol Reports, 08/2/12)

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The European System on Alcohol and Health (EUSAH)

Freitag 5. November 2010 von htm

Auf der Global Information System on Alcohol and Health Datenbank (GISAH) können international vergleichbare Daten zum Alkoholkonsum und alkoholbedingten Problemen aus über 190 Ländern abgerufen werden. Somit können länderspezifische und globale Entwicklungen der Alkoholproblematik verfolgt werden. Die EUSAH Datenbank baut auf die GISAH auf, beinhaltet aber noch weiterführende Informationen, welche auf die Situation der EU-Länder zugeschnitten sind. (Quelle: Infoset Newsletter, 5.11.10)

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EU: Total alcohol consumption 1997 – 2006 (incl. other countries)

Freitag 29. Oktober 2010 von htm

Data is provided by the WHO Global Information System on Alcohol and Health (GISAH). The indicator on total alcohol consumption is defined as the recorded amount of alcohol consumed per adult (15+ years) over a calendar year in a country, in litres of pure alcohol. The indicator only takes into account the consumption which is recorded from production, import, export, and sales data often via taxation. Population data is based on midyear resident population (15+ years) of the UN World Population Prospects, medium variant. In order to convert into litres of pure alcohol, the alcohol content of beer, wine, and spirits is considered to be 5%, 12% and 40% respectively. Specific conversion factors are used for other, less common types of alcoholic beverages. (Source: EUROPEAN COMMISSION HEALTH AND CONSUMERS DIRECTORATE-GENERAL10/29/10)

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