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NL: Trends in adolescent alcohol use: Effects of age, sex and cohort on prevalence and heritability

Sonntag 14. August 2011 von htm

To determine the effect of age, sex, and cohort on the prevalence and genetic architecture of adolescent alcohol use (AAU). Design Survey study in participants registered with the Netherlands Twin Register. Setting Twins from the general population.
Two cohorts (data collected in 1993 and 2005-8) of twins aged 13-15, 16-17 and 18-21. In 1993 and 2005-8 a total of respectively 3269 and 8207 twins took part.
Survey data on initiation and frequency of alcohol use and quantity of alcohol consumed. …
In the Netherlands, the prevalence of alcohol initiation, frequency and quantity has increased in adolescents over a 15 year period, but there are no changes in the genetic architecture of adolescent alcohol use. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 08/11/11)

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Alcohol Advertising Reaching Too Many Teens On Cable TV

Samstag 22. August 2009 von htm

A new study from the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, in collaboration with UCLA, has found a striking correlation between teenage viewership and the frequency of alcohol advertising on cable television. The findings show that ads for beer, spirits and „alcopop“ aired much more frequently when more teens were watching. (Source: Medical News Today, 8/21/09)

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