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Alcohol policy training in Malawi and Botswana

Dienstag 2. Februar 2010 von htm

Malawi and Botswana became the two first countries to test a new training package on evidence-based alcohol policies. A third pilot course will be held in Namibia next week.
The new training program has been developed by FORUT and Blue Cross Norway. The background for the initiative is that there exists a broad knowledge base on which types of interventions that are most effective to reduce alcohol-related harm. However, there is a severe information gap. The existing knowledge is not sufficiently distributed to those who need it most; policy makers, politicians, government experts, NGO leaders and the media. This is case for most countries of the world, probably all. (Source: ADD Bulletin 1/2010) Comment: This training should come to Switzerland too.

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Various aspects of alcohol in a development setting

Donnerstag 16. Juli 2009 von htm

Three papers by Diyanath Samarasinghe, professor at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, published as FORUT booklets explore various aspect of alcohol in a development setting. Professor Samarasinghe addresses the role of unrecorded alcohol, some connections between alcohol and poverty and things we can do to reduce alcohol harm.

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