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USA: Vermont Introduces Bill to Ban Supersize Alcopops

Donnerstag 24. März 2011 von htm

In Vermont, Representatives Tom Stevens (D-Waterbury) and Diane Lanpher (D-Addison) introduced House Bill 260: Legislation that will ban the sale of flavored malt beverages in containers larger than 12 ounces. HB 260 comes on the heels of Marin Institute’s model bill to restrict supersized alcopops, Big Alcohol’s latest threat to public health. (Source: Marin Institute, 03/22/11) bill 260 (pdf)

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California Product Testing Plan for Alcopops Advances

Montag 23. März 2009 von htm

The California State Board of Equalization voted (3-2) in favor today to fund ($250,000) for a Product Testing Implementation Plan for Flavored Malt Beverages. The plan now awaits approval from the California Department of Finance. The plan will establish a full-time position and funding for contract laboratory services to perform work associated with the regulations adopted on April 8, 2008, for the purposes of determining proper taxation when an alcoholic beverage meets the definition of a “distilled spirit” under the Alcoholic Beverage Tax Law. (Source: Marin Institute, 3/20/09)

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Aggressive legislative package by N.M. Attorney General

Montag 16. März 2009 von htm

An aggressive legislative package proposed by New Mexico Attorney General Gary King to fight underage drinking includes banning alcoholic energy drinks, classifying and taxing flavored malt beverages as liquor products, and allowing local communities to impose their own alcohol taxes. (Source: Join Together, 3/12/09)

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