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NZ: Febfasters Reap The Benefits Of Going Alcohol-free

Dienstag 1. März 2011 von htm

New Zealand’s first ever FebFast ends tomorrow, having raised thousands of dollars for youth charities and given participants a break from drinking alcohol. Nearly a thousand people have given up alcohol for all of February as part of the Drug Foundation’s FebFast fundraiser, and so far more than $75,000 has been raised.
Coordinator Catherine Milburn says people can continue to make donations via the FebFast website (www.febfast.org.nz) throughout March. „There’s still time to show your support.“
A number of well-known New Zealanders have also supported the event, including teams of Labour and National MPs, ZM host Polly Gillespie, chef/food writer Jo Seagar, actor/writer Pinky Agnew, singer Maisey Rika, TV3 journalists Mike McRoberts and Paula Penfold, social media editor Greer McDonald, and The Edge radio hosts Jay-Jay Feeney and Dominic Harvey. (Source: Google Alcohol News, 02/28/11) voxy.co.nz, 02/28/11 our online-comment: Congratulations for that splendid idea. I wished our politicians and media people would have the same courage. Maybe then they could better get involved into work for an effective alcohol policy.

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