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USA: Participants Exposed To ‚Fan Cans‘ Find Beer Consumption Less Dangerous

Sonntag 14. November 2010 von htm

Underage and heavy drinking on college campuses continue to be issues for college administrators. While some campuses, such as the University of Missouri, have made strides in efforts to reduce heavy drinking on campus, administrators are continually trying to educate students about the risks of excessive drinking. Now, two MU psychologists have found that students who viewed images of beer cans packaged and displayed in university colors believed that drinking beer was less dangerous than those students who saw images of regular beer cans. …(Source: Medical News Today, 11/13/10)

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Bud ‚Fan Cans‘ Promotion Dropped Where Colleges Complained

Freitag 28. August 2009 von htm

Colleges that objected to Anheuser-Busch’s team-colored beer cans have succeeded in getting the brewer to halt the promotion in their local communities. (Source: Join Together, 8/27/09)

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Budweiser ‚Fan Cans‘ Come in College Team Colors

Dienstag 25. August 2009 von htm

Anheuser-Busch is releasing a series of 27 can designs for Bud Light featuring the colors of college sports teams, but the schools‘ reactions have been decidedly mixed, the Wall Street Journal reported Aug. 21.
The brewer contends that the promotion is aimed at legal-age drinkers and that the cans don’t include any team logos. Some schools seem accepting of the idea, but others are calling on the company to stop the marketing campaign, saying it encourages drinking among college students — many of whom are under age 21. (Source: Join Together, 8/24/09)

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