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WHO takes on chronic disease

Samstag 7. Mai 2011 von htm

MOSCOW — The World Health Organization focused for decades on infectious diseases, but now it’s putting non-communicable diseases near the top of its agenda.
The fight against heart disease, diabetes, stroke, lung cancer and chronic respiratory disease may not seem as heroic as the struggle against smallpox or H1N1, but chronic illnesses account for 63 percent of deaths worldwide — 70 percent in the United States and 90 percent in Russia.
“And these are preventable,” said Margaret Chan, director general of WHO, at a three-day series of meetings here this week devoted to chronic diseases. “People don’t have to suffer. People don’t have to die.”
No tobacco and less sugar, fat and especially salt are WHO’s top targets; reducing alcohol consumption and increasing exercise are right behind. Those factors alone account for 25 million of the 36 million deaths attributable to chronic diseases annually, according to WHO, and place a huge economic burden on families and nations. (Source: Harvard World Health News, 5/5/11) washingtonpost.com, 4/29/11

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The range and magnitude of alcohol’s harm to others in Australia

Sonntag 27. März 2011 von htm

Aims: This study aims to document the adverse effects of drinkers in Australia on people other than the drinker. … Conclusions: Substantial proportions of Australians are affected by other people’s drinking, including that of their families, friends, co-workers and strangers. These harms range in magnitude from noise and fear to physical abuse, sexual coercion and social isolation. (Source: Alcohol Reports, 03/26/11) onlinelibray.wiley.com

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D: Action week for children of alcoholics comes to an end …

Samstag 19. Februar 2011 von htm

…but momentum must last.
From Norway to Turkey have Active members worked for raising awareness about the problems that children and young people have to grow up in families with alcohol addicted parents.
“We’ve been on the streets, have established co operations, been in contact with both politicians and the media and we’ve occupied the cyberspace,” says Andrea Lavesson, President of Active – sobriety, friendship and peace, and continues: “We need this momentum that Active and many, many other organizations created all over Europe to continue and grow because one week is not enough to bring about change. 9 Million children in the EU alone long for change and we need NGOs, authorities and the media and their long-term commitment to make that happen.” … Source: Active press release, 02/18/11)

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Nine Million Too Many

Dienstag 15. Februar 2011 von htm

Active and partners launch action week for children of alcohol addicts.
Today, Active – sobriety, friendship and peace and partners from all over Europe join to pool and concentrate resources to bring attention to the situation of children and young people who have to grow-up in families harmed by alcohol abuse.
Approximately 9 Million children in the European Union are affected by their parents’ drinking problems. These children suffer from neglect, feelings of shame and selfblaming for their parents’ addiction and from continuous conflicts at home. Many children and young people have to witness and suffer violence. … (Source: Active/Eurocare Press Release, 02/14/11) Comment: I think this is one of the worst effects of alcohol in our societies. Who cares?

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In Search of Alcoholism Genes

Freitag 11. Februar 2011 von htm

Identifying Links to Drinking May Lead to Drug Treatments Tailored to Your DNA.
Millions of Americans know all too painfully that alcoholism runs in families.
Children of alcoholic parents are four times as likely to develop drinking problems as the general population. Sons of alcoholic fathers face up to nine times the usual risk. Even babies of alcoholics adopted into non-drinking homes have nearly the same risk of alcoholism as they would if they’d stayed with their biological parents, studies have shown.
But untangling just which genes pass along the predisposition for problem drinking is devilishly difficult—largely because alcoholism itself is so complex. Genes that affect how fast the liver metabolizes alcohol and how the brain reacts to stress, reward and pleasure have all been implicated, as have genes for anxiety and depression. Some overlap with genes for nicotine, cocaine and other addictions. … Source: Alcohol Reports, 02/07/11) online.wsj.com, 02/08/11

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Where’s the Superman to Tackle Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Our Schools and Colleges?

Freitag 22. Oktober 2010 von htm

If we are serious about educating our children at every level from elementary school through college, we’d better recognize that money alone will not solve the problem. We can fill our schools with all the modern gadgetry — computers, great graphics, television screens in every classroom, internet tutoring — and we can pay teachers, principals, professors and college presidents more and more money. That’s the easy stuff.

The tough stuff is revamping communities, strengthening parents and families, and getting rid of the drugs and the alcohol abuse that infect so many schools and campuses. If we don’t tackle the tough stuff, these high ticket investments are not likely to have more than a marginal impact and we’ll still be “Waiting for ‘Superman’”. (by Joseph A. Califano, Jr., The Chairmans Corner, 10/21/10)

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