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Extra Heart Dangers from Mixing Cocaine and Alcohol

Freitag 13. November 2009 von htm

„Drug addiction clinics say they are becoming increasingly concerned by the health risks associated with the chemical — the only known example of the body forming a third drug following the ingestion of two others. For not only is cocaethylene toxic in the liver, it is also blamed for heart attacks in the under-40s and a surge in social problems. But because so little is known about the drug, few experts can agree on the nature of the threat to users, and indeed society as a whole. Many who consider themselves social users — for whom a line or two of cocaine coupled with a few drinks in a bar or a club is a weekly or monthly event — do not consider the health implications of their drug taking.“ (Source: Harvard World Health News, 11/12/09) The Observer, London, 11/8/09

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