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TOP NEWS: Now alcohol ads on Swiss TV because of EU law!

Freitag 25. September 2009 von htm

After three readings in both chambers of the Swiss Parliament, when the small Federal Chamber always said no and the big National Chamber said always yes to ads in all TV stations and private broadcasting for wine and beer they both agreed after a joint meeting of a commission to this new law, following the demand by the European Union to accept the EU directives on TV over the frontiers. This was a condition because Switzerland wanted to have a Media-Agreement with the EU and profit from film sponsoring. Since the beginning of Swiss Television alcohol advertising was always banned for preventive reasons.
Comment: This is a very sad moment, after a long fight in parliament. The only hope is now that future EU regulations on alcohol will be better and have to be taken by the Swiss legislation. It is against all logic and research on the influence of marketing on youth, in a time when alcohol abuse of young people is in the headlines. But the liberals, the conservatives and even christian democrates in agreement with economy organisations, the alcohol and marketing industry are too strong. The medias didn’t take up the matter and brought only short statements by agencies. This is freedom of the press. Journalists are not obliged to follow their own ethical basic rules which say journalists have to contribute to an open discussion in society. That means that the people cannot make up a realistic mind and put pressure on the parliament.
Theoretically there is the possibility to launch a referendum because this Media-Agreement is an international contract. But I doubt that there is somebody to take this chance as the industry, and the media are financially and in their publicity too strong.

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