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Heineken’s new online marketing deal to reach 103 million minors monthly

Donnerstag 4. August 2011 von htm

Heineken’s new online marketing deal to reach 103 million minors monthly Heineken and Google have started a global partnership which will see the international beer producer increase its YouTube activity. The deal also sets out to use mobile internet as primary marketing channel in emerging markets. This new deal will very likely mean that at least 103 million minors around the world will be exposed to the harmful effects of alcohol marketing on a monthly basis.
According to MarketingWeek.co.uk the agreement spans 20 countries and ‘will see the Dutch brand execute homepage takeovers and use pre-roll ad slots on Google’s YouTube site.’ … (Source: EUCAM, 07/5/11)

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Beer-Drinking Trends In Emerging Markets Bode Well for Big Brewers

Donnerstag 9. September 2010 von htm

People in developing economies just aren’t drinking enough beer. That’s the argument analysts at Credit Suisse have laid out in a series of reports touting the beer and the alcoholic beverage sector. But there’s hope for thirsty Brazilians and Chinese, the analysts say: It’s just a matter of time before they start guzzling almost as much beer as Americans and Europeans. (Source: Marin Institute) npr.org, 8/18/10

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New Eurocare report on Alcohol market trends

Freitag 5. Juni 2009 von htm

Asia leads the way. As some companies continue to see stagnation and falling sales in Western Europe, their main focus has now shifted to the emerging markets – in particular, Asia and Russia but also Eastern Europe.
Interestingly, despite problems in the global economy, market analysts are forecasting a solid global growth in the industry’s income for the next three years. It is estimated that the financial crisis is likely to help volume growth but slow value growth, as consumers will be more willing to purchase cheaper alcohol and consume it at home. (Source: Eurocare, Newsletter April/May 09)

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