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Minnesota, USA, Expands DWI Penalties and Programs

Samstag 22. Mai 2010 von htm

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has signed into a law a series of reforms to the state DWI code, including broader sanctions and a few opportunities for new and repeat offenders. Effective July 1, 2011, drivers found with a 0.16 percent or higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) must install ignition interlock systems – devices that require the driver to have less than a .02 BAC in order to start their vehicle – or face license suspensions of one to six years. Persons with three or more infractions in a ten-year period would be required to have an interlock for monitoring and prevention, or not drive at all. (Source: Join Together, 5/20/10)

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For Drivers Who Persist In Driving While Intoxicated

Sonntag 22. November 2009 von htm

Driving while impaired (DWI) contributes significantly to road-traffic crashes, and is involved in more than one-third of all fatalities. Many DWI recidivists – drinking drivers who re-offend – do not participate in mandated alcohol-evaluation and intervention programs or else continue to drink problematically after their licenses have been re-issued. A comparison of the effects of two interventions on DWI recidivists with alcohol problems found that one – Brief Motivational Interviewing (BMI) – was more effective. (Source: Medical News Today, 11/21/09)

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Random Roadside Breath Tests Considered in Canada

Dienstag 27. Oktober 2009 von htm

Officials in Canada are considering changing the law to allow police to conduct random roadside Breathalyzer tests for drunk driving, rather than only for-cause tests, the Montreal Gazette reported Oct. 24.
A number of other countries — but not the U.S. — allow random DWI testing of drivers, but Canada has banned the practice for 40 years. Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson wants to change the law, but said he needs to discuss the proposal with provincial officials first. (Source: Join Together, 10/26/09)

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USA: Support for Ignition Interlock Devices to Prevent DWI

Freitag 9. Oktober 2009 von htm

Two-thirds of Americans would support the installation of devices that prevent cars from starting if drivers are impaired — assuming such technology is reliable — according to a survey from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The survey also found that 40 percent of respondents said they would like such devices installed in their own cars if that option was available. Some drunk-driving prevention experts would like to see the so-called ignition-interlock devices installed on all vehicles. About 180,000 of the devices are currently installed in the U.S. (Source: Join Together, 10/8/09)

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Police Trained to Draw Blood from DWI Suspects

Donnerstag 17. September 2009 von htm

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled four decades ago that police can draw blood from drunk-driving suspects without a warrant, and a federal program is now examining whether police nationwide should be trained to do so. (Source: Join Together, 9/16/09) Comment: In Europe blood tests are done by medical staff.

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DWI Death Causes Reconsideration of Casino Drinking Proposal

Freitag 13. März 2009 von htm

Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell is „rethinking“ a proposal to extend drinking hours at the state’s two casinos in the wake of a college student’s death in an automobile accident that police attribute to drunken driving. Rell and Republican legislators had proposed extending drinking hours at the Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But the death of Connecticut college student Elizabeth Durante, who was killed when the van she was riding in was hit head-on near the exit for the Mohegan Sun casino, has created doubt about the proposal. (Source: Join Together, 3/12/09) Comment: Why it is necessary that a college student has to die, before the Governor „rethinks“ such a proposal? Is it not enough that people die every day because of DWI?

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