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UK: Repair Nation’s Turbulent Relationship With Alcohol

Freitag 18. Dezember 2009 von htm

The Royal College of Nursing today (17th December) welcomed the launch of new guidance for parents, children and young people on alcohol consumption, published by the Chief Medical Officer. Dr Peter Carter, Chief Executive & General Secretary of the RCN, said: „Both in A&E departments and in classrooms nurses see the devastating effects alcohol is having on young people everyday – it is damaging not just their health but also their education, development and general wellbeing. (Source: Medical News Today, 12/17/09) // guardian.co.uk, 12/17/09

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Nurses Call For Drastic Action On Binge Drinking, UK

Samstag 1. August 2009 von htm

Responding to the publication of the Public Accounts Committee report, Reducing Alcohol Harm: health services in England for alcohol misuse, Dr Peter Carter, Chief Executive of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), renews the call for tighter alcohol regulation. (Source: Medical News Today, 7/31/09) Royal College of Physicians President, Professor Ian Gilmore, Responds To The Public Accounts Committe Report Into Health Services For Harmful Drinkers, UK accordingly: … Above all it (the Government) must prevent harm and drive down overall consumption through introducing a minimum unit price for alcohol.“ Medical News Today, 7/30/09

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