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Removal Of Minimum Pricing From Alcohol Bill A ‚missed Opportunity‘, Say Health Campaigners, Scotland

Freitag 24. September 2010 von htm

The BMA, Alcohol Focus Scotland and Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) yesterday [Wednesday 22 September 2010] expressed deep disappointment over the Health Committee’s decision to remove minimum pricing from the Alcohol Bill. Dr Brian Keighley, Chairman of the BMA in Scotland said:
„This is a missed opportunity for our parliamentarians who had a real opportunity to drive forward public health policy, not just in Scotland but in the rest of the world. I am frustrated and disappointed that the debate on such a serious health issue has been polarised and that many opposition MSPs had made their minds up before even considering the evidence presented to the Committee. The inclusion of a ’sunset clause‘ offered an opportunity to test the effectiveness of minimum pricing and provide doubters with the reassurances they had initially sought. Sadly, now we will never know. (Source: Medical News Today, 9/23/10)

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Minimum Pricing For Alcohol Only Credible Option

Freitag 6. August 2010 von htm

says BMA Scotland.
Commenting in advance of the cross party meeting of politicians to discuss areas of consensus on alcohol policy, Dr Brian Keighley, Chairman of the BMA in Scotland, said: „I am pleased that the political parties are coming together to discuss alcohol policy but it will not be possible to reach consensus until public health is put before party politics…“ (Source: Medical News Today, 8/4/10)

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Figures Highlight The Human Cost Of Alcohol Misuse, UK

Freitag 26. Februar 2010 von htm

Commenting on new figures published last Thuesday which show a sharp increase in chronic liver disease (CLD) mortality rates in Scotland, Dr Brian Keighley, Chairman of the BMA in Scotland, said: „These figures highlight the true human cost of alcohol misuse in Scotland. Today’s figures show a shocking rise in the death toll caused by a drinking culture that is out of control. (Source: Medical News Today, 2/25/10)

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